30 Years of Experience

Founded in 1989, we are the only agency owned, managed and staffed by veterans of the United States Armed Forces. The disciple, focus and task driven training provided by their service to our country, gives our collectors an edge not found in competing agencies.

24/7 Online Secure Access

COLA provides 24×7 access to your files. Just about every agency provides access to a select portion of their client’s claims. . At TFC you see everything: Raw collector notes, money collected, with the date and amount of remittance clearly displayed.

Up to Date

As we collect both commercial and consumer debt, we continually review changes in national, state and local laws so as to be in compliance with laws and regulations as they apply to our collection efforts

Competitive Rates

Rates are competitive, straightforward and 100% contingent: No collection, no fee.

Customer Service

There is a saying: it takes years to build a reputation but moments to ruin it.” TFC understands the importance of a client’s concern. Responding to clients is a priority, as we strive to improve our service.  At TFC the client is king.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

No agency can guaranty recovery. We can guaranty effort: That each of your files are diligently and professionally worked.


About us

TFC-USA, DBA Twenty-First Century Associates, founded in 1989, built its business one client at a time; recovering debt throughout the United States and the world. We have grown to the point of being listed by Crains as one of America’s largest private companies.


TFC-USA recovers problem and past due receivables so clients can concentrate on current and future business. Further, we do so in a completely transparent manner, providing a high level of confidence in our work.

No, there are no upfront costs.  We get paid only if we collect money due you.

TFC is affiliated with a worldwide network of attorneys. We will provide a no cost estimate of collection and litigation in each venue. We have successfully collected debt in North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim. Further, we have assisted foreign entities with debt collection in the United States.

TFC maintains a robust Compliance Management System that includes extensive auditing, thorough documentation, and rigorous training. Our auditing process starts with assessment and validation that all required policies exist, are clearly documented, and the staff is properly trained. Each policy is audited on a routine basis.


New Jersey