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Accounts Receivable Management - Utah

TFC is a top accounts receivable management service that can handle all aspects of the client's receivables including the collection of both commercial and consumer collection claims in Utah. We can provide deduction management, handle liquidations and litigation management, along with providing consulting and full outsourcing services. TFC is able to be as flexible as is necessary and can handle any and all facets of a clients receivable process.

Our accounts receivable management service is also a top notch collection agency and is geared to maximize the recovery of your Utah collection claims (transparently if necessary) to your customer. Our company exceeds the usual requirements of Utah accounts receivable management services or that of a collection agency and this should help convince you that we are the right receivable management service for all of your receivable needs. Our professionalism, economic advantage and client focus help make us the ideal candidate to be your Utah accounts receivable management service.

Our accounts receivable management service recovers bad debt receivables at a 50% success rate which will dramatically increase your recovery ratio and infuse your cash flow. Our low rates are indicative of an Utah accounts receivable management service that is serious about getting your business and keeping your business. Our accounts receivable management service can increase the value you derive from your collection operation in Utah. Refinement of collection workflow will increase your return on bad debt placements. Our superior  accounts receivable management performance  for your Utah receivables and our commitment to innovation will improve your rate of recovery.

Our accounts receivable management service can utilize bonded and insured Utah collection attorneys to assist with the collection of your bad debt portfolio and oversee litigation management of your receivables. Not many Utah accounts receivable management services who have been in the business as long as we have offer such low rates and low collection attorney assisted rates to their clients. Large collection claims and bulk placement rates are negotiable. Contact us for a quote.

As an accounts receivable management service, TFC provides timely services with frequent updates on progress during the Utah receivable management process. Our service uses COLA which is a web based program giving our accounts receivable management service clients online access to their files. Many of the more experienced and successful Utah accounts receivable management services have realized that web based, online status reporting for their clients is a must for future business development and to view a demonstration of our system, please use the following link: Technology has changed the face of the Utah collection industry dramatically and the receivable management service or collection agency that invests in and utilizes the latest technology will emerge as frontrunners to capture a larger piece of the accounts receivable pie. 

The ability of a Utah accounts receivable management service to process accounts receivable claims, post collection activity, forward litigation claims, provide remittance information, etc., online will greatly benefit that receivable management service, not only now but for many years to come in the Utah marketplace. TFC has the technology now and can strongly compete with any Utah accounts receivable management service or collection agency. Our accounts receivable management service is very interested in applying a mix of technology and common sense business process re-engineering to streamline the interface with its clients. Though our accounts receivable management service currently provides a Windows-based interface to our systems, TFC intends to port this ability to a browser interface in the near future. This will make it even easier for clients to watch us process their accounts receivable placements for Utah.

We believe the secret to our accounts receivable management success comes from a few simple principles. Our team approach to the process of Utah receivable management ensures your placements get a lot of attention. We accomplish this by tying the team's commissions (even counsel) to actual dollar payments to the client versus debtor promises or legal judgments. This way we keep the team interested until the final goal is accomplished - placing money back in the client's pocket. Coupled with a lean management structure, this means our accounts receivable management service provides faster file turnaround with greater success and at lower cost for your Utah accounts receivable.

Call us today at 201-678-1144 and discover the difference that TFC can make in the management of your Utah accounts receivable. 
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