Collection Overview

The purpose of this section is to demonstrate that Twenty-First Century Associates exceeds the usual requirements of collection services, and convince you that we're the right vendor for your business. Our professionalism, economic advantage and client focus make us the ideal candidate.

This document addresses industry-standard evaluation criteria for Collections Services, and in the course of doing so, tells the Twenty First Century Associates story. The following table points you to the areas of maximum impact to help make your decision process easier.

Rate Schedule Table

Typical Industry Evaluation Criteria Table

Figure 1 Net Returns 32.6 % higher with Twenty First Century Associates versus industry

These sections will allow you to compare our offering with the competition so you can select the best match for your needs.


  • Twenty-First Century Associates 50% success rates will dramatically increase your recovery ratio.

  • Twenty-First Century Associates rates favorably against typical Evaluation Criteria, Meeting or Exceeding all requirements.

  • Twenty-First Century Associates can increase the value you derive from your Collections operation. Refinement of Collections workflow will increase your return on placements. Our superior Collections performance and commitment to innovation will improve your rate of recovery.


  Rate Schedule Table

Large claims and bulk placement rates are negotiable. Contact us for a quote.





In-house collections (large claims negotiable on a claim-by-claim basis)


Counsel-assisted collections

1. Remittance always includes principal and interest.
2. No minimum fee
3. No additional charges for claims over 1 year old.
4. Return of Product: regular fee (7.5%) (when applicable).


  Typical Industry Evaluation Criteria

The following table details Twenty-First Century's responses to typical evaluation criteria used to evaluate potential candidates for Collection Services.


Twenty-First Century

Client Focus (ability to meet Business needs)

Meet or exceed delivery time requirements

Twenty-First Century Associates provides timely services with frequent updates on progress during the collections process.

On-Line viewing system

COLA is a web based program giving clients on line access (COLA) to their files.

For a more detailed explanation and to view a demonstration, use the following link:

Systems compatibility

Twenty-First Century Associates either meets already or will meet all systems requirements to ensure a smooth working process. We currently provide a windows-based dial-up package for clients to access our reporting systems. Our standard word processing package is WordPerfect, but we have access to other applications (i.e. Microsoft Office) to supply documents in the format of your choice.

Creative approach to effectively respond to business needs

Twenty-First Century Associates is very interested in applying a mix of technology and common sense business process re-engineering to streamline the interface with its clients. Though we currently provide a Windows-based interface to our systems, TFC intends to port this ability to a browser interface in the near future. This will make it even easier for clients to watch us process their placements.


Business value provided

The lean nature of our enterprise translates into responsiveness you won't get from large collection agencies.

Detailed and feasible rate proposal

Our rates are very competitive, and when combined with our suite of complementary services make us a strong value.

Agency Profile

Past performance

At a 50% recovery rate, we beat the industry average handily. Coupled with our fee structure, this means significantly higher returns (as much as 40%).


With over 25 years experience, the principal of Twenty-First Century Associates has industry proven skills and the track record to prove it.


Twenty-First Century Associates wants to be the best in the industry. Period. We intend to accomplish this through client focus on you and creative applications of technology to help us deliver on that service promise.

Financial stability of the agency

Twenty-First Century Associates has been a going concern since January, 1994, with annual placements growing at 17%.


  Twenty-First Century Associates Advantages

Impact of our Rates and Performance on Recoveries

The following table and accompanying chart demonstrate the real business value of low rates and top-notch performance. The effect upon your net returns is dramatic:

File Placements

Net Returns Using TFC

Net Returns Using typical collection vendor













Figure 1 Net Returns 33 % higher with Twenty-First Century Associates versus industry

The working assumptions for this analysis incorporate Twenty-First Century Associates' 50% historical success rate. The Competitor in the graph represents a lower 25% success rate (industry average).


The Performance Advantage

Our 50% collection success rate translates in a significant profit advantage as shown above. Broken down a little further, here's how we compare to the competition:


Twenty-First Century Associates

Industry Average

In-house %
of collections

38 %

25 %

Counsel-based %
of collections

12 %

13 %

Total Success % Rate of collections

50 %

38 %

Clearly, the difference is not the Legal collections. This means we must bring a stronger in-house Collections discipline to the table than our competition.

We believe the secret to our success comes from a few simple principles. Our team approach to Collections ensures your placements get a lot of attention. We accomplish this by tying the team's commissions (even counsel) to actual dollar payments to the client versus debtor promises or legal judgments. This way we keep the team interested until the final goal is accomplished - placing money back in the client's pocket. Coupled with a lean management structure, this means Twenty-First Century Associates provides faster file turnaround with greater success and at lower cost.

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