Estate Searches

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TFC will contact the last known responsible person(s), if known and ask for a death certificate and location of death. If no responsible person(s) can be found we will Skip Trace for relatives and persons associated with decedent. Social Security records are checked for last known residence. Date of death is verified and obituary records are reviewed. Additional Skip Traces are done to verify decedent residency information and identify county for locations associated with decedent. The court and department handling Probate for counties associated with decedent are identified. Estates can be filed where death occurred, county of residence or where property is owned. The filings vary by jurisdiction and state. The Probate Division of the various counties associated with the decedent is contacted to see if an estate has been filed.  If an estate is found TFC will file a claim on your behalf. The Estate Search Fee of $350.00 covers Record Searches and filings. Not every death results in an estate filing. In some cases either an estate has not been filed or cannot be found or the decedent cannot be found. Due diligence is done on each case and a report is provided. The Estate Search $350.00 Fee is non-refundable and non-returnable no matter what the outcome of the Estate Search.  

Some jurisdictions require attorney involvement to protect creditor’s interests. In those cases TFC can place the case with an attorney in the estate’s jurisdiction. Examples: MA, NJ, PA and VA. In some cases a lawsuit may have to be filed to protect your rights. TFC will handle the case at a contingent rate of 33% plus costs associated with filing.  If you have any questions call 201-678-1144 and ask for Estate Searches. Email and inquire.

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