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  • TFCs Benefits of Outsourcing

  • The cost of collections is not only in the direct costs. There is also additional costs resultant from the inefficient handling of the exception items contained within the receivables. Approximately 20-25% of the total of most AR portfolios are comprised of exception items. The prompt identification and resolution of these items can result in efficiency gains throughout the organization, and increase customer service levels.

  • All Claims are handled on a contingent basis for low flat rates. Our standard rate is 20%. 

  • TFC can only make money if we collect the clients outstanding amounts

  • TFC will perform rigorous and professional collections on outstanding balances. 

  • Clients can access our AS400 to view the live collector activity on their accounts.

  • Negotiate claims and establish payment plans on balances

  • TFC will attempt to collect any claim, regardless of age or amount

Prompt placement with an attorney in the event that payment is not forthcoming. TFC will not hold a claim for an extended period of time in hopes generating a fee. The pass through attorney fee of 30% is the only time the rate increases.


We do not get paid until you get paid. Client cash flow is dependent upon the proper management of the accounts receivable. We work to this end.
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