Process Innovations

Twenty-First Century Associates continually looks for ways to streamline work processes and welcomes attempts to make things "just work better."

In most business processes, the points of friction which drain the most productivity almost always involve people. In the case of processes which span the gap between corporations, the problem is compounded. The most effective means to address this arrangement is to clearly define the edge-role of each company with established checkpoints during the process. In the event of a missed checkpoint, both sides immediately know the process is broken and requires attention. Without checkpoints, a broken process can go for months undetected.

In the case of Collections, our collectors will post daily progress and status on all open accounts on a website accessible to clients. This way both colleagues can continue doing their collection work, and only connect when something breaks. This would be the standard arrangement.

Since the in-house Collections process spans 30 days or less, formal checkpoints each week will be arranged for a Report of progress and outstanding issues. Additional deliverables such as approval for litigation would figure into this process. Approvals sent by email would use the Receipt flag on the message so the requester would know when the mail was received. This is a standard feature of most email packages.

Upon successful in-house or counsel-assisted collection, the process would require scanning the "check" and attaching this image to email to be sent from the collection agent to the cliet, again using Receipt flag to track progress.

In the event of non-collection, TFC's collection agent will file the appropriate closure report that day, again using the Receipt flag to track progress.

To manage the process for continual improvement, the client and TFC can routinely spot-audit these check-points to ensure compliance.

The efficiencies resulting from a solid process re-engineering effort pay huge dividends, freeing employees to be more productive. This further enhances their contribution.

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