International Debt Collection

In business today, boundaries and borders no longer exist as they once did – a majority of companies do some level of international trade. Consequently, there are many companies to choose from when collecting international debt. If you’re doing business abroad, it’s critical that you partner with a tested, knowledgeable agency such as TFC-USA to assist in collecting unpaid international business debt.

Our Clients

With decades of experience collecting within the United States and worldwide, TFC-USA established a market position as one of the few collection agencies with expertise in both commercial, consumer, national, and international collections. We have successfully collected debt in North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific Rim. We’ll find and speak with a decision-maker at your debtor to resolve any spurious disputes and leverage amicable collection to achieve payment. If necessary, we will forward the account to an attorney based in debtor’s location. What does this mean for you? Decreased time to recovery and reduced cost.

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