This section is designed to consider various process and technology options which can make your interaction with vendors as painless as possible. The ultimate objective here is to make it as easy as possible for you to get your job done, to give you as much visibility into our process as you need to manage us effectively, and to anticipate your needs by continuously striving to make the process better.

Paperless Office: Technology Innovations

Twenty-First Century Associates believes that one key to effective workflow is stemming the amount of paper. Our objective is to get closer to a paperless environment. To do this we intend to use web technology for exchange of documents whenever possible. This will expedite the process, directly targeting those time lapses which result from physical mail delays. By using web transport for email documents, our turn around will improve dramatically.

To that end, we would secure this web traffic to protect the confidential nature of the material. In the case of forms-based webpages, we will use HTTP SSL (Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- Secure Sockets Layer) pages which encrypt transfers in native Netscape or MS-Internet Explorer sessions. In email contexts, we will adopt the policy of using ViaCrypt PGP encryption software to securely exchange sensitive attachments via email. The process is very simple for users to apply, fitting in as a menu option into popular email applications.

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